2012: New Year's RESOLUTION


This is a time for creating resolution.
So let's start with.....

I have so many resolutions, i think
So many room for improvements for myself

Okay so let's start with personal life:
1. Be Happy everyday, start every single day with smile :)
2. Stop complaining, stop complaining, start to bless everything happens in my life
3. Around my life with an inspiring things, inspiring person, and inspiring lessons.
4. Give more care to my lovely boyfriend, family, friends, colleagues :)

Office life:
1. Keep the spirit up! and be more proactive!
2. Innovate, innovate, innovate!
3. Build networks and keep an open mind
4. Pursue professional certification by the end of the year!

Education life:
1. Take IELTS with min. score 7
2. Take GMAT with min. score 700
3. Read 1 paper every week and summarize it
4. Join education network / conference / workshop and be active in it

Money life:
1. Invest, invest, invest!
2. Do not shopping too much and do not eat too much in an expensive place. It will be better to save the money in the bank
3. Money management. Read and implement money strategies!

Improve myself:
1. Learn how to cook
2. Get driving certificates
3. Gym at least 1x every week

It is so excited to create new resolutions every year. I hope it will be excited too to implement all of them. 2012, new year, better life, better me!