The word of apprentice brings me back to the TV show "The Apprentice" which brought by Donald Trump. It is about some people who competed each other in order to win and work with Donald Trump. Well, it was really nice to see the competition and it seems very stiring when at the end of the program, Donald Trump had to fire one person with the least grade among others.

That is quite challenging. Especially when we are one of them. I have experienced once when i have the title as "Business Apprentice" in my office. This is what so-called the Management Trainee programs. We were accepted as apprentices, rotated in several teams, engaged in projects, participated in several trainings, and graded each other so management can assess who will be accepted in the next year until become permanent employees. The program is quite challenging and individually, i see the program really trained us to become more competent and improve our capability.

In the end of the program, we have to present our one-year journey in the office. At first, i think the presentation would be scary with all the judges would ask many questions in order to test how good i am in doing my job. It feels like i'm in my final year thesis defense.

But, when it comes to the real presentation. All of the scary things were gone. The presentation is not as a fearful as i think before. All of the judges were really relaxed and so did I. They did not ask about my tasks and job. Not even one question. They only focused about my personal attitude and how my future will be in the company.

I got one conclusion with that thing. When we are in entry level especially being an apprentice. Being smart is important, ability to solve problems and manage our own tasks is also important. But they are not the most important things. I think the most important things are our attitudes, our communication skills, our relationship with other people, our ability work with each other and work under-pressure, and also our capability to avoid any conflict. Personal skills level is quite more important than our hard skills in real life.

And now, i have passed my apprentice program. I'm in my second year in this company. I have to be more competent than when i'm still an apprentice. I have so many goals in my life when i'm doing anything. I don't think this is a competition with my second-year friends. I think this is a competition with myself. How i can defeat my weakness and how i can achieve my goals. I don't know if i can but at least i have to try and give my best efforts in it.

For all my Apprentice friends, Congratulations!

i know we can do it! You are all the best and the type of person who never give up.
I hope we can continue our journey into the next level until we're gonna be the executives in later years.

Keep the spirit up! :))