5 Things I Want Myself to Know at 25

Inspired by Schmid Talk blog, these are my version of 5 things i need to know at 25.

1. Most of the time, I want to achieve what I still don't have. That was true when I was 5 and that will be true when you are 65. However, i need to know to be grateful with what i currently have. Nobody's perfect and perfection is absolutely boring.

2. Don't go on Facebook, Instagram, Path, Twitter or any kind of those social network too much. Seriously, it's a waste of time. Thanks god, i'm not the kind of person who needs to login everytime, and posts everything happens at the time.

3. Cooking is not mother's (or in my case, father's) things. Even though, my father's cook is the best in the world, i'll try to steal his secret recipe. Who else will inherit those delicious recipes if not his own daughter.

4. Believe in something bigger than myself. Something that i will never understand. Because when everything else fails, which is bound to happen, all i have left is my faith that things will get better.

5. I have wonderful life. Yes, i'm still here, in Jakarta, not New York, or Paris (my dream!). But this is wonderful to be surrounded with people you love.